Potable water uses

Regulating the flow of water preventing contamination or leakage with compatibility and cleanliness are of ultimate concern when developing sealing solutions for potable water and sanitary applications. The rubber products for drinking water applications are tailored to meet the application requirements as well as carry the certification NSF 61. KPM has the capacity to mould the sealing with NSF 61 EPDM and NSF 61 NBR seals.

General Engineering

Taking advantage of new technologies arising everyday, KPM delivers new solutions and new materials with best quality and reliable performance for manufacturing operations. As a manufacturing technology requires improved efficiency and ensure continuous operation with precision requirements, KPM’s sealing experts can help you achieve it. Acing in the fluid technology (pneumatics and hydraulics), KPM ensures high compatibility in seals as they can operate in diverse range of fluids.


KPM has been a partner to Agriculture and Farming technologies for its entire tenure. As farmers are the backbone of human living, they deserve the best quality sealing solutions. Sealing solution for irrigation and pumps require the aim to conserve and regulate the flow when desired.

Based on the order frequency, KPM has a supply chain for the standard custom critical parts. We, at KPM has an extensive library of such parts and can deliver with zero leadtime.


Textile and automation technology rubber parts are used for the yarn manufacturing, fabric manufacturing and other processing equipments. The key requirement here is tight sealing and efficient performance and KPM ensures to meet the demanding needs.


Off-road vehicles need the rubber product that can offer high temperature and high pressure seals working under aggressive fluids also preventing the dirt and corrosive gases. We at KPM can manufacture a wide range of sealing systems to meet the needs of off-road automotive.


The core competence of the valve system is the seals to control, regulate and shut off tight. KPM has a vast experience in manufacturing valve with unique requirements such as low pressure sealing and low torque sealing.

Oil and gas

Oil and gas sealing applications require high quality products operating under extreme temperatures with aggressive fluids in a harsh environment. KPM offers seals adhering to application requirement without compromising our key quality.

Electrical industries

Productivity and safety are crucial in case of electrical applications and KPM’s sealing solutions are long-lasting and ensure continuous operation. The key requirement for electrical applications are high insulation and efficient performance as the wrong seal may affect the safety of equipment, operator and environment