A techno-freak witnessed the manufacturing of low-profile parts for commercial purposes with no heed being paid to the quality. With the steadfast objective to bridge this existent gap in the rubber-seal manufacturing industry Mr. Muthu, the Founder and CEO of KPM Plasto Rubber Co., commenced his business venture. As a child, he always aspired to be an eminent business tycoon. The longing to become a businessman kept proliferating within him that resulted in the onset of his entrepreneurial venture. Accepting an iota of venture capital from his father to start his business, the Connoisseur forged ahead with his better half to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

Starting from scratch, he overcame insurmountable odds and evolved his company into a corporate behemoth.

An overlay of the Company
Incorporated in 1999, KPM Plasto Rubber Co. manufactures top-quality rubber sealing products with a key focus on Custom built speciality seals, mounts, composite of metal, fabric, plastic, bakelite with variety of polymers to maximize the performance in various industrial domains like Potable Water, Aerospace, Farm-equipment, Automotive, Valves, Pumps, Oil & Gas, Automation, Construction, Chemical, Textile, Electrical & Electronics etc., Its exclusive gamut of products is setting benchmarks owing to its economical and efficient solution for all kinds of custom rubber requirements.  Unfurling the flag of success and growth, the Enterprise has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading players in the relevant field.

Under the aegis of Mr. Muthu, the Firm is being recognized at the global level for its customized moulded rubber parts adorned with resilience and design complexity. The Founder elucidates that his innovative business venture has become one of those few corporations that leverage the advanced technological trends for manufacturing the rubber-based products.

Key differentiator
The Company has formulated a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that is enriched with fully equipped best-in-class machinery and in-house testing facility. What gives it an edge over its peers is its highly modernized testing machines, the process control and application based custom compounding that eventually make clients, lead in their competition with ease. The most recent add-on to its machinery is the automation integration that allows consistent and accurate activity on the respective rubber product.

The team culture at KPM Plasto Rubber is infused with high-quality practices to produce matchless rubber-based parts for various industries. The global standards of water transportation system emphasize the formulation of hygiene rubber parts. They resonated with these service standards and have been certified to develop such products that are absolutely neutral to use. Owing to its years of expertise, Team KPM effortlessly manufactured such critical rubber-based parts that can keep up with such international quality standards. The thoughtful approach to developing such inimitable compounds has granted them with worldwide recognition.

Moreover, Mr. Muthu elucidates that his team ensures to grant ‘Quality Assurance Certificate’ to its esteemed customer base. While giving a tough competition to the international players functional in the relevant domain, KPM is enhancing the business values for its clients by offering matchless products.