KPM’s advanced testing laboratory is testimony to our commitment to the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

Upon request, KPM can customize a quality program to meet the specific testing requirements.

♦ Hardness
         Shore A
         Shore D
♦ Specific Gravity
♦ Ash content

♦ Tensile strength
♦ % Elongation at break
♦ Modulus at % Elongation
♦ Tear strength
♦ Shear strength
♦ Peel strength
         Adhesion on the fabric substrate
         Adhesion on the metal substrate
♦ Compression Deflection
♦ Tensile test on O Rings
♦ Stress-strain analysis

♦ Load Vs Deflection
♦ Abrasion Resistance
Vertical Rebound Resilience
♦ Compression set Method B
♦ Tensile set

♦ Accelerated Aging tests
        Change in Hardness
        Change in Tensile Strength
        Change in Elongation at break
♦ Volume Swell Tests

         IRM 901, 902, 903 etc.,
         Toluene, Iso-octane, Petrol,
         Diesel, Methanol,
         Ethanol solution tests etc.,
♦ Fuel and Chemical resistance
♦ Water resistance

*The tests which are not listed above can be outsourced by KPM.