Rubber Gaskets

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A gasket is similar to the seal that prevents leakage between the two objects while under compression to seal high pressure under static conditions and to fill the void.

A lip seal gasket creates and retains a static seal amongst two relatively stationary parts. To prevent the passage of fluid, the gasket must be able to flow into and fill any irregularities within the mating surfaces being sealed, simultaneously being sufficiently resilient to resist extrusion under operating conditions.

custom gasket

As a custom gasket manufacturer, KPM offers all kinds of industrial gaskets applications. We have the in-house capability to test and have entire control over all aspects of gasket quality.

KPM has the certification for watertight gaskets used in drinking water applications commonly known as NSF 61 Gaskets.

Depending on the base properties such as high-temperature gasket or fire-resistant gasket the changes are made on the selection of the polymer, eg., silicone rubber gasket, fluorosilicone gasket etc., Gasket materials are as diverse as the gaskets themselves, KPM can furnish from Natural Rubber to FKM for the global standards.

We employ a wide range of both automatic and manual equipment to solve complex composite and custom gasket requirements.

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