Rubber to Metal bonded parts

Rubber to Metal bonded parts

What is metal bonding? Why do we need them?

Rubber has to be bonded to a substrate for functional requirements for various applications in static as well as in dynamic conditions.

Chemical and physical bonding strength have to be developed in the required quantum to withstand the various types of shocks, vibrations and sealing.

Bonding the rubber to the metal instead of utilizing it as an assembly provides a more consistent and technically superior solution.

Rubber to Metal bonded parts

To achieve a strong bond much of the value lies in the tooling design, surface preparation, primer selection,

And similarly curing configuration (temperature, pressure and duration) and the rubber to substrate adhesive.

One of the best suppliers and manufacturers of rubber to metal bonded parts in India, KPM has also established the facility to bond rubber to Bakelite, fabric and other substrates as per requirement.

They are dynamically useful for products requiring retaining the strength of the metal along with remaining flexible as rubber.

Moreover, KPM having integrated automation recently, and have in-house facilities to validate adhesion properties.

Our technical staff can assist with product development, design and select the right rubber to metal bonding agents for the performance necessities of the application.

KPM’s area of expertise is rubber to substrate bonding for producing rubber to metal bonding parts,

KPM proves its performances by getting repeated orders from its customers for excellence in bonding techniques.

KPM more specialized to produce following rubber to metal parts processes,

Rubber to Stainless steel bonding (CF8M, 200 series, 300 series, 400 series & etc.,), Brass bonding, Copper bonding, Aluminium bonding.

Mild steel / WCB bonding, Carbon steel bonding, Cast Iron and SG Iron bonding, Hast alloy bonding, Monel alloy bonding.

And In addition rubber to alloy bonding, Bakelite bonding, Fabric bonding (Nylon, Polyester, Cotton), Silicone to metal bonding

Above all, Rubber to metal bonded parts comes in a wide variety like rubber-metal isolators mountings, rubber-metal bushings (metalastic bushes).

metal seal rings (metal-clad rod seal, metal c seal), shock absorbers (rubber dampers), buffers.

Metal-cased oil seals, metal o rings, metal gasket (soft metal gasket, flat metal gasket), rubber grommet with metal insert, rubber bonded metal washer etc.

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