O Ring

An O – Ring seal is a circular band with a circular or rectangular cross-section to arrest leakages between two faces or over shaft and hole. They are designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface.

The selection is based on chemical compatibility, service temperature, sealing pressure, lubrication requirements and working atmosphere. O-Rings such as UV Resistant O-Rings, Oil resistant O-Rings, Heat resistant O-Rings are obtained using the base material selection

O Ring

Here is the list of O-Ring types are,

Silicone O rings, EPDM O rings, Neoprene O rings, Viton O rings, Polyurethane O rings, FVMQ O rings, Nitrile O rings etc.,

Hydraulic O rings, Pneumatic O rings

Rectangular cross-sectional O rings, D cross-sectional O rings

Piston O rings

Static O rings, Dynamic O rings

Metric O rings

Toroidal seals

Bonded O rings

Encapsulated O rings

As a prominent rubber O-Ring manufacturer in South India, KPM has facilities to manufacture custom O rings and non-standard O rings. KPM can manufacture any seal, in any material, while you wait, and can also manufacture custom parts for all seal applications. Our continual investment and development of product, personnel and customer satisfaction ensure we remain unrivalled in our field for quality and service.

KPM has the potential for failure mode and effect analysis to ensure the best quality industrial O rings. We offer O rings ranging from micro O rings to large diameter O rings for your demanding application

Quad Rings have an advantage over standard O Ring by providing two sealing points due to its four-lobed configuration resulting in a more stable seal. It is to be noted that the parting surface of the Quad Ring is away from the sealing surface, thus providing a more uniform seal. KPM offers highly precise metric X rings with remarkable quality.

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