In addition to delivering finer class rubber parts, we have broadened our horizons into sub-assemblies leaving the customer with less or no efforts.

To optimize the supply chain, outsourcing from a single vendor with a relatively close proximity to your markets seems to be of a much aggregate benefit.

KPM is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – The hub of engineering industries consists of renowned 400+ foundries, 5000+ CNC machine shops, 500+ sheet metal fabrication centres and many other industries for allied processes.

We can also partner with the customer’s verified supplier to locations nationwide. Partnering with KPM gives you a competitive advantage wherever the customer decides to do business.

We help you simplify your purchasing chain by reducing managed inventory items, decreasing administrative and holding costs, and lowering your total cost of ownership while you can focus on core compatibility and exponential growth.

Avoid excess labor and handling costs by outsourcing your assembly needs to KPM. Within short lead time and fewer logistics cost.

KPM can outsource the requirement and assemble the same. Predominantly, KPM can fabricate the non-rubber products in-house, other cases we can outsource or assemble with the customer’s known third party.

Some of highly efficient and cost saving benefits for Single sourcing for Sub-Assembly are :

  • Streamlining the logistics process while planning for multiple products
  • Reduction in labor costs as well as extremely competitive prices
  • Reduction of vendor base and outsourcing from a single supplier for all components.
  • Tested to ensure the assembled component’s compatibility
  • Defect can be identified at the source
  • Eventually, resulting in a reduction of your total cost through reduced inventory, labor, transportation, and overhead expenses.

KPM can provide complete sub-assembly services, allowing you to achieve your manufacturing objectives for all your sub-assembly needs along with ensuring availability of parts and products for your production line or distribution channels

Our commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and cost management makes us the best-in-class choice for providing assembly services, distribution, and logistical support for a wide range of industries.

Rubber sub-assemblies, being located in the heart of the large-scale machinery, our customers are more likely to lead in their arena of competition considering the quality to be exemplary.

Our assembly services can help you achieve your business objectives. Send us your assembly and component prints today for free cost analysis.


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