Rubber Pipe Joints

It is a flat ring of rubber inserted at a joint to tighten and prevent leakage. KPM makes close tolerances to match the customer specifications. KPM uses good quality raw materials and makes good quality washers to meet customer requirements. In some cases, we produce rubber bonded with metal washers for pressure applications.

Rubber Pipe Joints

Pipe joint is a flat ring of rubber inserted at a joint to tighten and prevent leakage. Our team of expert chemists study the environmental compatibility of the pipe joint and design a custom formulation to meet your desired specification.

Instead of utilizing as a subassembly, the rubber and the substrate part can be bonded to provide the collection of both properties. KPM has incorporated the automation facility to ensure the precise bonding on the parts thus improving the repeatability.

KPM’s molding facility – compression molding, vacuum compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum transfer molding and injection molding.

Our scope of materials includes from NR, EPDM, NBR, HNBR, XNBR, FKM, FFKM, CR etc.,

The state of art machinery and well-equipped instruments are proof that KPM sticks to nothing but quality and performance. We strictly adhere to the close tolerances of the customer’s prints to match the same. Our raw materials are from reputed manufacturers, which are handled and consumed as per the design of the formulation.

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