Reinforced Diaphragms


Fluid, when pressurized into the cylinder, exerts a force on the piston head, creating motion on the mechanical device or assembly. To maintain the pressurized fluid from leaking beyond the transferring piston, Diaphragm acts as a motion tolerant seal.

Diaphragms functions are

  • Transfers pressure from either side but not the material being contained
  • Works under different pressures (liquids/gases)
  • Separates the different medium of fluids
enforced diaphragms

As a diaphragm manufacturer, we would recommend the criteria while selecting the diaphragms is their contact medium, working atmosphere, frequency of deflection and its engineering design.

KPM offers the rubber molded diaphragms with the highest compatibility as it’s the most required property while operating with varying pressure, frequency and fluids.

KPM also offers the industry-leading fabric reinforced diaphragms resulting as an excellent sealing solution.

Diaphragms are also used to protect a process fluid from the pressure sensor. They are widely used whenever an accurate, reliable response to hydraulic or pneumatic pressure changes is needed.

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