Rubber Seals

Rubber Oil Seals

O Ring and seal are almost the same except that rubber oil seals vary from O-rings such that external pressure/force is used for effecting sealing actions. The seal construction will consist of a sprung main sealing lip which has a point contact with the shaft.

Rubber Seals also may have additional dust lips to avoid entry of foreign particles. Seal selection is based on sealing pressure, service temperature, lubrication requirements and cleanliness of the environment.

KPM could offer any type of rubber oil seals with remarkable quality achieving its working properties as specified by the customer.

Custom molded rubber seals and rubber oil seals

Reciprocating Seals

(Metric) Piston Seals

(Metric) Oil seals

Rod Seals

Labyrinth Seals

Bodok Seals

Wiper Seals

V ring Seals

Chevron Seals

Lip Seals

Single lip Seals

Double lip Seals

Shaft Seals

Axial Shaft Seals

Radial shaft Seals

Rotary shaft seals

Flat round seals

Dowty seals

Silicone rubber seals, Viton (fluorocarbon seals)

Polyurethane seals

(Metric) Hydraulic seals (hydraulic cylinder seals & hydraulic ram seals)

(Metric) Pneumatic seals

Vacuum rubber seal

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