Anti Vibration Rubber Mounts

Anti vibration rubber mount used for absorbing the vibrations

Anti vibration rubber Mounts / Vibration Isolators are designed to reduce the level of vibration transmitted to, or from machinery and equipment. Vibration isolation mounts manufactured in rubber with a variety of bonded metal components.

The Design of anti vibration rubber mount is according to the application, as well as KPM is equipped to manufacture such vibration isolators and having a wide range of polymers and metal parts to bond the same.

Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts,

In addition mechanical vibrations and impact stress are the biggest problems for the equipment. KPM can produce mounts to the specific vibration isolation and noise reduction systems.

Moreover, KPM can design special-purpose rubber mountings offering high deflection being able to absorb shock loads. KPM rubber mounts are designed for better rebound control features to reduce excess movements under shock loads.

Similarly AV mounts will lower maintenance costs and increase lifetime and reduce downtime of the machinery.

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