Rubber Bellows

Diverse range of rubber components designed to go the extra mile


Delivering first choice rubber components for pioneer and end-users in the industry

South India’s specialist exporter in providing the most economical and efficient solution for your custom rubber part requirements


Sub Assemblies

With the help of our renowned sub-contracters, KPM stands to be the one-stop solution for all your requirements regarding sub-assemblies.


metal to rubber bonded parts

Metal to Rubber Bonded Parts

On setting up an advanced processing line, we have been the trusted supplier of rubber to metal bonded parts.

custom moulded parts

Custom Moulded Parts

Regardless of any design, material or properties, KPM can customize according to your specifications.

raw materials

Raw Materials

KPM has a distinct range of products formulated with a wide range of raw materials to meet the application-specific properties.



KPM has set-up the advanced facility professedly up-to-date with cutting edge equipment.



Our in-house laboratory has been facilitated with state-of-the-art technology that ensures our unmatched quality.

Rubber Oil Seals

Why choose KPM?

Constantly working on to change the way people think about and engage with our rubber products.

Global Player

Interacting with suppliers and serving customers from all parts of the globe.

KPM Process

Our process control and automation targeting to zero PPM in manufacturing


Novel state of art facilities equipped with customized machines to meet the standards


Providing the safe and certified rubber products for drinking water treatments.

Value added Services

Serving beyond the requirements to maintain a long term trusted relationship.

PU Casting

Urethane products casting facilities and advancements in process line are made.

When Quality matters, think KPM

We pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of customer service and technical knowledge, ensuring you receive the best quality product to meet your needs at the right time.

enforced diaphragms

A customer-driven company

    ♦ Manufacturing the Requirements

    ♦ Serving the Quality

    ♦ Proving it by Testing

    ♦ Certifying the Performance


Committed to quality, cost and service. Great product development partner. Very innovative in his approach to problem solving. Dedicated to meeting deadlines.

William Cogliano, United States of America

Great and very detailed tour of the factory which was showing all kinds of manufacturing process as wellas the huge diversity of products and the very big focus on customer needs

Martin Bradmann, Germany.

2020 Statistics

KPM has been incessantly upgrading with a new vision for the future to being expertise across the entire industry cycle and the ambition to give its full potential.

Product Size
0.65 mm to 850 mm

Product weight
0.10 g to 30 kgs

100% pre-delivery

°A Shore to °D Shore




Mold cavities


Rubber Compounds