Value added services

In this emerging world where everyone is running to reduce the cost in all possible stringent ways, KPM has taken a step forward offering ‘Value Added Services’ for our customers. We have witnessed and surveyed our customers of what is holding them back from being exemplary. And we began providing services and solutions for the same.

  • Custom packaging according to the norms of the customer’s respective country and their comfort against protecting the part.
  • On part marking which includes the name of the customer or part number or the end-user. The marking on the product can be customised as well – printing, embedded, laser          marking etc., Labelling can also be done on the product package as per the needs.
  • KPM can also extend its services by delivering the sub-assemblies either made in house or subcontracted as desired.
  • We can have a Managed Inventory System against the confirmed forecast, to store the finished goods.
  • Shipping to your service centres or any other location as per the agreed logistic system.
  • We accept the third party audits including pre-shipments.
  • Tool ownership agreements are available.