Tooling and Design

The design department of KPM chooses the appropriate molding technique, KPM has the facility to make prototype molds to meet low volume parts and design validation at the customer end. When the volume increases KPM designs the molds to fit into regular production. 

♦ Prime focus on product quality
♦ Matching dimensions
♦ Poka-yoke molds
♦ Better productivity
♦ Good flow ability
♦ Minimal wastages

♦ Flashless or flash as minimum as possible
♦ Try to move the flash away from the critical areas
♦ Shorter deflashing cycle
♦ Better deflashing quality

Tear Trim Mold Design 

Tear trim technology was introduced to elevate the quality of deflashing by eliminating the other types involving sharp tools. The knife-edge in the place of the parting line and flash base configuration is placed extremely close to the part so that, when this overflow is removed by hand, no flash remains.

♦ Shorter deflashing cycle
♦ Low deflashing cost
♦ Better deflashing quality
♦ Controlled flashlines / parting lines

Multiple Cavity Molds 

Multiple Cavity Molds are to meet large volume parts. KPM has the facility to handle multiple cavity molds using their larger capacity machines. It has a unique advantage like reduced production cost, better schedule ratings and transfers the desired benefits to customers.

Normally KPM produces parts using :

♦ Compression Molds
♦ Pot Transfer Molds
♦ Injection Molds
♦ Auto Ejection molds