Quality Control

quality control

The Customer faced department

In order to ensure the finest quality, the company process control relies extensively on ISO 9001:2015 certified quality systems. The raw materials are purchased only from internationally reputed sources and processed in globally renowned machines. And for your reassurance, all of our products are manufactured by an industry-leading automation production and certified using cutting edge testing equipment.

Stringent quality control along with closely well-knitted formulation suitable for various rubber products has made KPM products the ultimate choice of many customers.

The management commitment to superior quality has enabled them to reach beyond national borders, the proof of which is the fact that more than 65 % of the products exported globally.

With our world-class facilities, skilled KPM technicians manufacture rubber parts to exacting standards, by closely monitoring each step of the process. From in house mixing and tooling operations to the final inspection process state-of-art technology is employed to provide unparalleled material consistency and dimensional control.

When a new product is converted to serial production, through lab KPM can assure that customer’s requirements are surpassed with :

  • Dimensional inspections are conducted using non – contact measuring systems, appropriate instruments and gauges.
  • Qualification of rubber processes which under no circumstance be changed unless insisted by the customer.
  • Quality assurance of finished goods that can be documented to customer prints

Our quality management system ISO 9001:2015 is maintained to ensure superior product performance, traceability and process repeatability. Entering into the world of potable water, KPM has now built its empire on NSF 61 certified products providing safe water for the world. KPM can provide the parts certifying ASTM, JIS, BIS, DIN, REACH, RoHS etc.,