“Manufacturer of highly specialized engineered rubber products. Very knowledgeable and innovative in his approach to customer product design. Mr. Muthu’s analytical capabilities and knowledge-based approach in product manufacture is an asset in our partnership”

John E Fale, United States of America

“Committed to quality, cost and service. Great product development partner. Very innovative in his approach to problem solving. Dedicated to meeting deadlines”

William Cogliano, United States of America

“KPM is a creative and professional company, always ready to try new initiatives to achieve better quality”

Rajesh Gossain, India

“We do appreciate the spirit of customer orientation and the motivation to always look for improvements in the process. The continuous drive for innovation is surely a competitive advantage”

Filip.D.V, Belgium

“Great and very detailed tour of the factory which was showing all kinds of manufacturing process as well as the huge diversity of products and the very big focus on customer needs”

Martin Bradmann, Germany.

“We visited KPM and found the company to be well run and very capable of meeting all our requirements, the y provide us a top-quality product with excellent service and support. Their team is courteous and welcoming. They are innovative and willing to invest capital to support us in future endeavours. We look forward to feature partnership with KPM”

Carolann shaw & Micheal sherlaw, Canada.

“This company is able to supply to high demanding markets, new factory will be benefits for customers and logistics with improved working conditions.  Good hard-working team and nice working atmosphere”

Peter lichthart, The Netherlands